Airdrie Chair by George Smith

Sometimes when I go in the countryside visiting my grandma I meet some old people who are very good at all sorts of crafts. They are less and less appreciated ever since production at industrial scale, but they transmitted their knowledge and skill from generation to generation and they really love what they are doing. Well, apparently there still are some companies that promote this and they are spread all over the world. One of them is George Smith, named after a well-known furniture manufacturer some time back in the 19th century. One of the beautiful products made by them is this Airdrie Chair by George Smith.

19441This chair is an elegant and comfortable one, with a wide back rest and very thin legs that finish with some silver tips that make them look like belonging to the wrong century. The stylish four legs are carefully carved and made perfect, looking great under the nice and sweet chair. This beautiful piece of furniture is covered with Mohair Velvet Berry and is properly upholstered in order to provide them best seating. The buttons that hold the upholstery together make the chair even more stylish than it already was and the design that is totally unexpected and personalized make it worth the View in gallery

$7460 you must pay for it.