Airbus A380-themed restaurant

There are many themed restaurants all over the world. Some of them are really impressing. However, only one of these restaurants is a replica of the world’s largest passenger airliner. It’s a unique restaurant located in Chongqing, China. If you love to travel by plane or, on the contrary, if you dislike that idea but still want to go through the experience, this is the place to go to.

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The Airbus A380-themed restaurant replicated the interior of the world’s largest passenger airliner. It offers you the experience of having dinner in a jumbo jet without the sudden turbulences and everything else related to them and, most importantly, without any risks of crashing. To make the experience complete, the waitresses from the A380 restaurant are trained to act like air hostesses and stewards. It’s an unusual theme for a restaurant but this is what makes it so special and interesting.The A380 restaurant is a close replica of the jumbo jet and it tries to offer approximately the same experience as being inside the real thing.

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The guests can sit at four corner tables which are the most expensive seats, priced at CNY 10,000 ($1,590). There are also alternatives, also very comfortable and interesting. The restaurant also features adjustable seats, carpets and cabin lighting, along with 18 employees including 9 flight attendants ready to take your order. The interior of the restaurant might replicate the jet but, thankfully, the food is not the same as the one served there.{found on luxurylaunches}.