Aina nesting tables by Elisa Honkanen

Nesting tables are a perfect choice for the kids room because they are made of wood and are marvelously simple and they use interlocking wooden bars for keeping them together. They are safe for the kids because they have no metal that could harm the kids and the wood they are made of is soft and lightweight so the kids are perfectly safe when using these tables.

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But the most important feature of nesting tables and the one that gives their name is the possibility to “nest” them, that is to place the smaller one under the bigger one and do that with more tables, stacking them and storing them in a small place. So they can be stored anywhere saving a lot of space, which can be a blessing in a kindergarten or in the children’ s room.

These simple and practical little tables are designed by a Finish furniture designer called Elisa Honkanen and she proves to be a very imaginative lady that combines usefulness with simplicity and good looks. So what else can you ask for? If you want some more details feel free to visit her web site and also see some other projects.