African masks as wall decorations

If you want your house to be stylish and special you must add a personal touch to it. That means that you must think about using some unusual objects to decorate it, objects that are not very easy to find and used regularly by other people. So you may think of decorating your living room with African masks. If you also add some other elements of African culture you will get a very nice, though unusual living room.

I suggest you to put these very nice and beautiful African masks on the walls and try to have white walls when you display them because this way you can emphasize the originality and colors of the masks. You don’t even have to purchase original African masks, as you can find very good imitations on the Internet.

And once you have such a mask or maybe two, you can develop a bit and gather some more objects around them, objects that fit the design and then you will have a pretty nice-looking living-room, with African touches. Maybe a black and white overall design of the room will be more appropriate, but you can use some colors that suggest war-paintings, for example fiery red.

Use some rugs that either are natural or imitate very well skin animals or at least suggest them for example a zebra rug or maybe a leopard skin rug. Bring some other African elements like traditional bowls or at least some bowls that are made of palm-tree leaves or any other objects you may think of that fit the picture.

You will see that you will simply love your living room when you finish decorating it and your friends will be delighted.