Affordable Houses by Dan Phillips

Every one of us dreams of his or her own house where privacy, peacefulness and comfort should not be missing. Everybody needs a place of his own which may offer him a warm and pleasant home where he can enjoy wonderful moments.Unfortunately many of us cannot afford the house that we dream of, all the time. Most of the times we choose a house according to our tastes, needs but the financial power is the one that dictates the answer in the end.

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Dan Phillips, together with his construction firm, Phoenix Commotion tries to help people to build their own affordable dream homes, using recycled materials. You will be surprised by the types of materials that he has used like: scrap wood leftovers, mismatched bricks and tiles, bottle tops, number plates from cars, corks and even bones.The designs of these houses look like real pieces of art where the recycled materials are combined in a harmonious way.

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You will be impressed by the designer’s imagination, the amazing combinations of models and materials.

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Fourteen houses he has managed to build by now. You may also notice the rustic style and the wood which seems to dominate all these buildings.Take a look and see if one of these models interests you or is appropriate to your pocket.{found on inhabitat}