Aerodynamic Jet Coffee Table by Lorraine Brennon

Planes represent one of the solutions that science men have found for touching the high of sky. Many people are fascinated by this idea of touching the sky and they even want to try to go by an airplane, parachute helicopter someday. They dream of being as close as they can to the blue sky.

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It is a wonderful thing to have the impression that you are so high and you almost can touch the clouds. The views are incredible beautiful and take your breath away. The shapes of clouds are wonderful and being so high, you have the feeling that you are the master of the world or that you are ready to conquer it.

Lorraine Brennon designed Jet Coffee Table. It is an aerodynamic coffee table that takes the shape of a jet. You have the feeling that it is a flying table. Its shape makes you think that the jet is ready to take off and to take you to high lands.

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While you are drinking your coffee, you may dream of endless missions to the blue sky driving the jet. Your thoughts catch wings and you fly to the unknown or lands that you have always dreamt to visit.