Aerodynamic Google Desk by Danny Venlet

Imagine yourself walking in an office room. You would expect to see a common rectangular desk, crowded by al sorts of documents and other necessary tools and maybe a tired and annoying person.

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You would definitely not expect to see an oval shaped desk with round edges which would let the feeling that would be ready to fly away.This is Google Desk, an office desk designed by Danny Venlet for the Italian furniture company Babini.It has an aerodynamic shape and an airy, simplistic design which allows you to manifest your desire for using a wide open space and arranging everything in an easy accessible way so that your work will become more pleasant and you will be a faster employee.

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Google Desk is available in the elegant nuances of white and black so that you may choose the appropriate color that suites your interior space. It has a modern design which has nothing in common with a regular office desk. You would be happy to see the same thing that would happen to you, to see the surprised faces of the persons who would enter your office and would admire your spacious desk which will make you look like a real president.