Advent Candle Holder

Christmas is a great celebration and it involves traditions and customs that are different in different parts of the world. But we all enjoy the holiday and wait for Santa. Any way, some people light a certain number of candles for Christmas and these are called the Advent candles or lights. Usually these candles are placed either on the table or in the window and each candle is lit in its turn one night for Christmas. And because this tradition is so beautiful and deserves to be carried on, one creative designer called Ole Kortzau thought it would be a good idea to create a really special Advent Candle Holder .

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This beautiful candle holder has a very interesting design, all decorated with leaves of holly that is a traditional Christmas decoration. It is made to hold four candles and is silver plated. The four candles have tiny and delicate support and every support is linked by the next one in a perfect circle, the symbol of perfection. I think this is a special decoration for the Christmas table and a wonderful piece to have in the house. However, since it is silver plated , it is not safe to use the dishwasher for cleaning it, so you should wash it by hand. The item is now available online for $134.95