Adjustable metal floor lamp

Floor lamps are great because you can move them where you need them and also you can place them right above the place where you need the light to be cast. For example you might need a lamp floor to coast a diffuse light during the night in order to make the corridor to the bathroom visible for the children. Or maybe you need the lamp only for reading something in a corner without disturbing the rest of the house. This Adjustable metal floor lamp can be even more useful in this respect. It is made especially with the purpose of letting you adjust its height depending on your needs.

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So if you want to light the whole room you can make it taller and if you want to cast more focused light in a certain spot, you can make it shorter. That is why this lamp has adjustable metal legs. Its base that is actually made of four legs is made of Iron with high-polish nickel finish and the lamp shade is made of white polyester or cotton drum. The lamp height is adjusted by raising or lowing the lamp support just like when you open or close your umbrella. Any way, the lamps works properly with two 13W Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, but you can also use 60 watt ones. You can get it for $149 from West Elm.