Adjustable Architect Lamp

Regardless of the type of desk or table you have, at some point you find yourself in need of a lamp. In that case you begin the search for the optimal product that would satisfy your needs. Let me present you the Architect lamp, a product that could end your search as it is practical and good-looking in the same time. The Architect lamp was designed for desks and tables and it takes very little space as it clamps to the desk, headboard, shelf, etc.

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This characteristic makes the Architect lamp extremely versatile. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including a reading lamp that would not take nightstand space, a desk lamp, a romantic lamp functionally clamped to a shelf, etc. The Architect lamp features a glossy finish and it comes in several color including berry, white, silver, green, aqua and orange.

The lamp is height-adjustable and it comes with a 60’’ black cord. It’s also UL listed so if you’re purchasing with the intent to use outside U.S. or Canada you should use an adaptor and voltage converter for your country. The lamp is made of aluminum and it has a very simple design. It’s not a product meant to be especially elegant or stylish but rather functional and practical. You can buy the Architect lamp for EUR 25.35.