Adding Essential Space To Your Kitchen With A Center Island

If there is one part of a home that you wish you could add more space to, it’s your kitchen, am I right? Your kitchen has a lot of functions from preparing and cooking food, to serving, cleaning and entertaining. Often time’s counter space is at a minimum and an extra work surface would feel like heaven! A center island could be just the answer to your prayers and with the wide array of varieties there is a solution for any sized kitchen. From movable kart islands to stationary fixed islands, take a look and see which one will fit your kitchen’s needs the best.

kitchen space island movable
Consider movable island options for your kitchen

Assess your kitchen and how much space you have:

Before you run out and get a kitchen installed, take a look at your kitchen space. Do you have enough room for a stationary island that will permanently sit in the middle of your kitchen? Remember, you should allow at least 24-36” walking area around your kitchen island for comfort and safety in the kitchen.  Any less than this, when multiple people are cooking in the kitchen it will not be safe, or comfortable for the cook and the adjacent people.

kitchen space island idea
Consider a kitchen cart for entertaining and functionality

Movable kitchen islands:

If you don’t have enough room for a permanent kitchen island, consider an island with casters/wheels or choose a movable kart that can easily fit into a closet or under a counter. Many kitchens, especially in urban apartments have space under a cabinet to roll a movable cart that can house drawers, or racks for additional storage. Roll-away varieties are also helpful for entertaining and parties as it allows you to fit more people in your kitchen comfortably.

kitchen space cart island
Kitchen space can be increased with a movable kart

Assess your lifestyle:

For many cooks the ability to have a preparation area on one countertop, a clean-up area in another, and cooking surface are invaluable while cooking. While others just need the minimum amount of counter space, as they aren’t in the kitchen often. Determine what uses you need additional work surfaces for, as a kitchen island can add more use to your kitchen, but it can become in the way if you don’t really need it.

kitchen space island stainless
Choose from a variety of surface materials

Choose a style that matches your kitchen:

The options are limitless when it comes to colors, styles, materials, and functionality. A kitchen designer or cabinetry maker can build a custom kitchen island, while ‘off the shelf’ varieties are available at your favorite kitchen housewares store. Also, decide what type of countertop you prefer: marble, stainless steel, wood butcher block or granite is popular. Depending on your price point and how you plan to cook will help you decide, the options are limitless!

kitchen space island wood
Choose a kitchen island style to match your kitchen interiors

Your kitchen should be comfortable and functional to work in daily.  How much space you have to cook and prepare food can make all the difference with the addition of a kitchen center island. Determine what your cooking lifestyle is and what type will suit your needs. You may have just found another way to enjoy your kitchen more than you ever envisioned.

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