Add Tropical Charm To Your Backyard By Opting For Palm Trees

Whenever you get to imagine a tropical destination, it’s usually a place with palm trees. Palm trees grow in hot climates and they are a symbol for tropics and vacations. There are more than 2000 kinds of palm trees and they can live in a variety of areas, from rainforests to deserts. This makes them very versatile and allows us to transfer them in our own back yards.

Backyard palm tree
Palm trees are most popular on contemporary properties

Most often palm trees are associated with the beauty of a tropical island or with an oasis and this makes them very popular. Who wouldn’t want their back yard to look like an oasis or like a space where you can relax and feel like you’re on vacation. You can relax in the shade of the palm tree and forget about all your problems.

Tropical view residence
You can create a tropical décor by also making sure the architecture matches your vision
Tropical view pool
Place palm trees around a pond or pool to crease an oasis-like design
Backyard palm tree design
There are many different types of palm trees so choose them carefully
Green backyard decor
Palm trees are often chosen as accent species for the garden or back yard
Estate backyard
A Mediterranean property with a resort-like outdoor space
Modern residence
You can exploit the palm trees natural attributes to create unusual decors
Pool palm tree
The tall palm trees alongside the pool are reflected in the water and have an imposing stature

They are very appreciated for their symbolism and people enjoy being able to picture themselves far away on an island. Certain species of palm trees can be transferred in moderate climates so it’s possible for you to get one or more in your garden. It’s also common for palm trees to be planted alongside the outdoor pool. They provide shade and their imposing stature and shape makes them stand out. They are often seen in resorts but you can create your own resort in your back yard. You just have to make sure that the design is balanced and to use natural materials.

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