Add some style to your beside lamp is just 20 minutes

Finding a lamp that’s both simple and stylish can be quite difficult. Even though there are plenty of models that fit these criteria, finding the one that better suits your style can be a pointless job. So why not try to create that special spark by yourself? We have found a great way of adding some style to a simple table lamp and the good news is that it’s very simple, fun and quick.

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The main idea is to transfer the pattern from the lace onto the lampshade. The results are very beautiful and it’s not even that difficult. All you have to do is find a simple, cheap lamp. If you already have a lamp that has a clean and simple lampshade and that you don’t particularly like, you can try to give it an upgrade. Any cotton or linen lampshade will work wonderfully. You will also need some lace, a sponge brush and a few punch pins.

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First you should prepare the dye. If you wish to obtain a lighter color you can simply add water. You can choose any color you want. A bottle of Inkodye should allow you to make several similar projects. The next step is to cover the lampshade in a coat of dye. Make sure you cover the canvas evenly. Then use push pins to secure the lace. Cut off the extra fabric and pin the bottom. Then simply watch the colors deepen and develop in the sun. Leave the lampshade out for about 5 minutes, rotate it and, after 5 more minutes, the process should be complete. Remove the lace and wash the lampshade with detergent and water.{found on lumi}.