How To Add Romantic Flair To Your Home With French Windows

French windows are, for some, the regular type and the most common choice while for others they’re totally unfamiliar and awkward. It’ a matter of location. This also dictates how they are perceived. Some may consider them boring and old while others may find them bohemian, romantic and dreamy.

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Like with any other type, French windows have their pros and cons. The look can fall in either of these two categories, depending on personal preferences. Not all styles can successfully incorporate French windows.

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If you enjoy the look they give off, then you can opt for French windows offer your home a bohemian and romantic look. You can even throw in some vintage accents as well to get a complete look.

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Because you can just swing them in, French windows are really easy to clean. So you can easily make them sparkle and get rid of all the dirt and grime without much effort. This is definitely a pro compared to the windows preferred in the US.

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But if you live in an apartment building and nobody else has French windows, your will definitely stand out and not necessarily in a good way. The fact is French windows may look awesome from inside your apartment but they might ruin the facade of the building.

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But if you live in a house and don’t care about such issues, you can use your French windows in a lot of charming ways. For example, they’d look really great in your bedroom or balcony.

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French windows are generally bigger than other types and white or ivory suits them best. A more vibrant or darker color will diminish their look and will draw unnecessary attention.

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You have the possibility to accessorize your French windows with shutters that also give off a rustic, bohemian vibe. In fact, you can let the windows dictate the style of your home.

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You can also choose to highlight your beautiful French windows with curtains. Dark, heavy curtains would complement them in an elegant way although other options are also available.