Add a little charm to your bedroom with a unique DIY bedside table

As we’ve mentioned before, DIY projects are a great way of personalizing your home. They allow you add a personal touch to the décor and they also allow you to choose the design, shape, size, color, etc. in the bedroom, this is a very welcomed detail because this room needs to be especially inviting, cozy and welcoming. So here are a few DIY projects that can show you how to make bedside tables for your bedroom and not only.

Cheese box nightstands.

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These cheese box nightstands can be made in only 30 minutes. You just need the boxes, some castors, bolts, nuts and washers. Take a cheese box and turn it upside down. Mark where you want the castors to be and drill the holes and attach them with bolts. Then turn the box over and place the washers over the bolts. Fasten the nuts to each of the bolts and the nightstand is complete.{found on designsponge}.

Simple table.

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This is a design for a very simple and clean side table. To make it you need a hammer, a hand saw, a sanding block, some lumber and a box of wire nails. Begin by building the frame. Cut the lumber and assemble and side panel using nails. Then complete the frame by assembling the top and bottom panels. Then start making the drawer. Make sure to check the measurements twice just to be sure. Slide the drawer into the frame and you’re done.{found on designsponge}.

Unique bedside table.

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Here we have a simple and chic nightstand. To make it you need a small wooden table, tape measure, a pine plank, a drill, wood screws, paint sprayer, a jigsaw and sanding pads. If the table doesn’t have the desired height you can cut the legs using the jigsaw. Then make sure you remove the existing paint or varnish. Cut the table in half and give it a final sanding. Apply the paint and let it dry. Then measure the width and transfer the dimensions to the wood trim, cut it to size and lean the table up against the wall. Mark the edges with a pencil, drill some holes for the plugs and then finally attach it to the wall.{found on site}.

3$ nightstands.

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This is another very simple design for a nightstand. This one is made out of discarded wine boxes. They were simply stacked next to the bed and turned into a nightstand. Doing something similar is very simple. Just find some boxes and stain them. Let them dry and they’ll get a very nice rustic look.{found on jacquelynclark}.

Tiny ladder.

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A ladder can also be used to make an original and ingenious nightstand. The idea is to use a double ladder and to lean it against the wall. If it’s too big you can cut it with a saw to the right dimensions. The steps will serve as shelves for books, an alarm clock, a glass of water or anything else you need. The space underneath can also be used to store something such as a box.

Bunch of books.

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This bedside table is made out of a bunch of books. Making something similar is very easy. You just need to gather some books, stack them and secure them with a belt. The same idea can be used to create an original coffee table. Get creative and improve on the design if you want.

Bedside from pallets.

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Pallets are extremely versatile and wonderful for all sorts of DIY projects. This bedside table, for example, is made from a wood pallet. You just need to decide on the dimensions and then cut the pallet. Attach the pieces you have removed to the sides to create a nice frame and there you have it: a nice, simple, rustic bedside table with a storage compartment.


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These small wall-mounted bedside tables are perfect for small spaces. To make them you need wood, L-brackets, wood glue, small finishing nails, a screwdriver, a hammer and hardware to mount them on the wall. Cut the wood to the desired dimensions and assemble it using nails. Then attach two L-brackets to the long edge of the top piece using screws. After that, attach the two side pieces to the edges of the top using wood glue. Place the remaining piece of wood on the top of the two side pieces and allow the glue to dry. Reinforce the joints with nails and add the finishing touches.

Folding chair.

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There are numerous other ideas you can use to make some very interesting bedside tables. For example, in the bedroom, a ladder can be very helpful for hanging your clothes and accessories. You can have a small one turned into a nightstand and use it to store books but you can also alternate the designs and have a different one for the other side of the bed. Here we have a very simple X-shaped bedside table, perfect for the alarm clock.

Classic chair.

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If you don’t want to go through too much trouble creating a bedside table or nightstand, you can always improve and repurpose other pieces of furniture. For example, a chair would make a great bedside table. You don’t even have to change its design. It’s its function that has to change.