Acrylic Coffee Table with magazine Rack

Nowadays there is a tendency to combine things and make them easier to use for your comfort and peace of mind. But we also want a certain kind of patient customers that won’t bug us if they have something to do. So you offer them or at least suggest them they should read the magazines displayed in the waiting room. And what better way to both show the magazines and also be functional as a table. This is the Acrylic Coffee Table with magazine rack.

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The table is entirely made of acrylic as their material of choice and the funny part about it are the side part and interior “pockets” of the tables, where you can place all the magazines you have available. This model of table comes in smoke, black and transparent and they sell for about $350. This acrylic coffee table was specially designed for the purpose of displaying the results of their work and to bring a touch of modernism into your home.