Achieve Whimsical Lightness in Your Living Space

A living space that exudes a feeling of lightness is a must for homes as it has a direct effect on your mood. Light furniture and breezy fabrics can also increase storage space while creating a sense of whimsy.

Choose Curtains that Allow Light Inside.

White walls for an airy living
Transparent Curtains Bring in the Sun

Fabrics are an important part of your décor and they should evoke a sense of airiness as well as brightness. A room cannot feel or look whimsical if it is heavy and dark. Thin fabrics, such as window treatments, let the sun inside while the curtains themselves contain a flimsy appearance.

White walls for an airy living
Canopies Create Fabric Flow

Fabric on the ceiling can also help to create a sense of lightness, such as with the use of a canopy that removes the hard lines and flatness of a ceiling’s design. It numbs the edges and creates a smoother shape on which the eye can rest.

Hanging Brightness.

White walls for an airy living
Delicate Light Fixtures Work Well with Airy Décor

A large light fixture can have a dramatic effect on your room. Choose one that has a flexible appearance, such as the one seen in the above image that mimics a sparkler. Sometimes such decorative light fixtures might not provide enough light, so spotlights along the wall or ceiling can help to improve the room’s level of brightness.

Float Away.

White walls for an airy living
Defy Gravity with a Suspended Bed

Suspended furniture can have many benefits in your room. It can make the room appear elevated, less structured, and such pieces take up less space. A floating bed, for instance, can open up the area beneath the bed for storage while looking like a detached work of art.

Art Left Hanging.

White walls for an airy living
Create an Art Gallery Feeling in Your Home

Speaking of art, a creative way to display yours is to let it hang from the ceiling. This removes the need for the wall, especially if you want to keep the walls in your breezy décor bare. Hanging art can work as a room divider, too, without requiring frames or nails in the wall.

Light Foot.

White walls for an airy living
Floating Staircase Mimics a Grand Piano for Whimsical Décor

Staircases can often look cumbersome and solid, sometimes also taking up a lot of space in the room. However, you can install a staircase that does not require a railing, with the individual steps being attached to the wall to mimic floating shelves. No railing clears up the staircase wall in full view, making it the perfect spot for something artistic.

Trick the Eye by Blending.

White walls for an airy living
White-washing is Serene and Light

A minimalist design works well to create an aerated, light space. A trick when designing the pieces of furniture you have in the room is to blend them in with your chosen color. For instance, decorating with the same shade (or shades) creates harmony that can instil a sense of calm while also being visually uplifting.

Soft Green is a Hot Pick.

White walls for an airy living
Pale Green Uplifts the Soul

Soft touches of green work beautifully in a room that requires a bit of airiness because it is such a cool, comforting shade. Even if you have darker furniture or strong wooden pieces in your home, pale green draws the eyes upwards while being elegant, just perfect for use in the dining room.

Gentle Patterns.

White walls for an airy living
Careful Touches of Mosaic Bring an Interesting Pattern without Heaviness

Patterns can work to create a floating, soothing effect. When using mosaic, such as in the bathroom shower, a pale pattern that requires a second glance to spot accurately is subtle and yet brings together the oceanic bliss of the room which is decorated in other sea-inspired shades.

Bring Design to the Ceiling.

White walls for an airy living
Wallpaper can be Airy and Sophisticated

Instead of leaving your ceilings bare or white, consider painting them or covering them in wallpaper that has a sheen. Even if your walls have wallpaper on them, the ceiling can benefit from being covered, too. Design tip: don’t let the wallpapers match! A slight contrast between the two can be interesting to the eye, however don’t make them vary too much (a few shades up or down, and a slightly different pattern, is enough) as you don’t want to break the visual flow of the room. Wallpaper that is coated in a bit of shine makes it a much lighter appearing fabric, without looking weighed down.

See Right Through it.

White walls for an airy living
Transparent Furniture is a Gem for Light Spaces

You don’t always want your furniture to take up a lot of room in your living space, so use see-through pieces that provide storage but are not easily visible. This can be achieved with transparent chairs that are comfortable, while working well with the pale walls, glass art, and textured light fixtures.

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