Achieve a Beautiful Baby Nursery

The baby nursery is such a special room in the house when there’s an addition to the family. You might not have a lot of money with which to decorate it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve something beautiful. Here are some tips.

Bring Your Own Style.

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Find Your Inner Artist

A hand-painted mural in the baby’s nursery room might feel like an overwhelming task, but just think of how special it will make the room look. Plus, designing and painting the wall could be a family effort that turns into a lifelong memory.

Gender-Neutral Décor.

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Sticking to neutral colors means all win

Sometimes it’s a good idea to opt for a gender-neutral design in the nursery. However, it can still be a charming room. Think of using bows on the crib and bringing in small touches of color to the walls. Neutral shades can bring the feeling of freshness and purity to a baby nursery, which is very fitting.

Get a Daybed.

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Daybeds are Practical and Pretty

A daybed is a practical item that can be included in the design of a nursery. It can be a place for tired parents to rest or to keep baby company during long nights. It could even become a clever way of transforming the nursery as the baby grows up. A daybed could become a place to store soft toys or help baby get used to sleeping in a bigger bed. In such ways, the daybed can become a classic item when the nursery is transformed into a bedroom.

Chandeliers adds Chicness.

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Create a Soft Glow with Chandelier Lighting

You might not think of placing a chandelier in the baby room, but why not? A small chandelier can add a bit of style to the room and if bought in the color of the room’s décor, it can create a warm, relaxing feeling.

Use Toys as Décor.

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Using Toys as Décor

Did you ever think your baby’s toys and special teddy bears could be used as pieces of décor in the nursery? Well, they can! Place large soft toys in the corner or little ones on tables, for a fun effect in a modern-styled nursery.

Open Your Color Palette.

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Go Beyond the ‘Blue or Pink’ Rule

If you’re sticking to using the color pink for a baby girl and blue for a boy, that doesn’t mean all other colors have to get side-lined. Introducing other shades into the room can be stylish and create the kind of atmosphere you’re hoping to achieve (for instance, warm or cute). Using blue with orange, for example, creates freshness and light.

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