Accordion lanterns for the garden

If you have a house then you probably also have a garden. No matter how small your garden is, it’s still an advantage, especially during the summer. It means you can always go outside, enjoy the sunny weather and have a cold drink, or, if you’re not a fan of high temperatures, you can wait until the sun goes down. In that case, your garden will need some artificial lights.

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We have the perfect solution for you. These lovely lanterns are extremely versatile. They can be placed just about anywhere. All you need to do is find a place to hang them. The lanterns come in two different sizes. The small version is 5″ diameter, 6.5″ high while the dimensions for the large version are 6.5″ diameter, 8.5″ high. Regardless of the size you choose, the lantern will look equally beautiful and cute in your garden or terrace.

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And there’s also another very useful detail. When you’re not using them anymore you can collapse them for easy storage. This way you can save some space and you’ll also know they’re safe in there. The lanterns only come in white, with a metal structure. It’s a very handy and easy solution. Also, during this period you cab benefit from a special offer: the small lantern is available for only EUR 4.41.The large one still has the old price which is EUR 17.63.