Acanthus Stone Roman Table

The ancient Romans are famous for having conquered most of the world they knew at the time and also for improving the culture and civilization of the people they conquered. I admired the beautiful marble statues and temples, the marvelous baths and also the nice looking gardens. They had amazing marble or stone tables they used both indoors and outdoors and they have survived to this day. These stone tables are still so nice and look incredibly well in any garden. They are round and covered with beautiful carvings and they make any garden spectacular. This Acanthus Stone Roman Table  is certainly an excellent example.

Acanthus table roman stone

Its tabletop is perfectly round and supported by a nice long leg. It is covered by nice stone carved leaves and is further supported by a triangular base on three round wheels made of stone. The table is perfect for outdoor use, since it is entirely made of stone and thanks to this it will not be affected by bad weather. If you like this item you can purchase it from Designer Sofas 4U for a reduced price of £178.20 .  It will give a special ancient look to your garden and it will bring elegance and style.