Abanico and Stonehenge Bookends by Seth Rolland

Are you looking for a new rack for your house that is compact, unique and attractive? Check out the new Abanico and Stonehenge Bookends by Seth Rolland. They are simple yet innovative. You can keep them anywhere you want as they will not occupy much space in your house.

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They look like semicircle with sharp gaps in between that are created intentionally to hold your books and magazines upwards. It is easy to hold with the gap provided in the bottom.

These bookends are made of wood and that makes them both eco friendly and good for the eye, as wood always looks better than plastic for example. Plus you can use them to store your books on any flat surface and they will stand upwards just like in a fancy bookcase, even if they are only four or five volumes and you don’t need a bookcase just for them.

Besides, the name of the bookend comes from the neolithic stone monument located in England and if you pay attention you will see the resemblance. Simple and nice, funny and useful, all in this bookend designed by Seth Rolland.