Abalone Shell Mirror

It is summer and hot and everybody goes to the seaside or at least dreams about it when sitting behind the desk doing the things they usually do at work. Any way, here’s something to remind you of summer holidays at the seaside and long walks on the beach, of your childhood when you used to gather all the seashells you liked in a large bag and stored them under your bed: the Abalone Shell Mirror. What is really interesting about this mirror, apart from the unusual design, is the fact that it is made of real seashells and they look great around it.

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It is a natural thing after all, to use nature and all the bits in it as we, humans, have done for millions of years, so why not pick some beautiful and silver, shiny shells and use them to decorate an otherwise boring mirror? As you can see from the picture, there are three different kinds of seashells used, each of a different shape and size. They are arranged around the small mirror in order to make concentric circles of different design. The shells on the outside are the biggest and shiniest and they look silver and bight with the help of a little glitter and some artificial pearls artistically arranged near their edge. I really like this mirror that is offered made by Abalone and sold by Jayson Home for $36 , but I think that you can do this yourself if you set your mind to this and have the necessary skills and shells.