AA House With Pool by Parque Humano in Mexico City

The AA House was a project developed by Pargue Humano and it’s located in Mexico City, Mexico. The residence, even though it shouldn’t be called like that, is a very distinguished structure. It was designed as a man-made pavilion that would allow the owner to be in close touch with nature. Everything about this house is somehow related to this connection with the nature and the surroundings.

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The house was built and organized around an open landscape and it feature an L-shaped plan resulting from the intersection of the central living/dining area and the rest of the room. On the interior of this space there’s the swimming pool. There are a lot of semi-open spaces where the owners can relax and closely observe and admire the nature.

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In terms of materials, the house features a steel structure that provides stability, durability and also created a feeling of lightness. The fundamental material used to build the house were the bricks. They provide great insulation, especially during the hot summer season.

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The AA House is great for nature lovers. It has floor to ceiling glass windows and walls that allow the users to enjoy the outside views. Also, the barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces is not very big. It’s a very nice retreat for those who want some privacy and feel the need to relax and enjoy some quiet time. It’s a very inviting place that also has room for fun activities.