A work of art by Anastasia Faiella

In order to make an apartment or house look like in the photos, you definitely must be an artist, as only an artist can achieve perfection in such a variety of styles, from sophisticated and elegant to playful and creative. In this case, the artist is the interior designer Anastasia Faiella. Just as everything related to Faiella Design, her work means casual sophistication, color and texture, a relaxed classic/modern vibe that you also want to have at home.

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The wide windows and the perfectly chosen white elegant curtains give the air of the room. What you can admire in the pictures is a relaxed living area of black and white with strokes of green and fuchsia, but not only. The shade of purple of the pillow cushions add a plus of color and match perfectly with the grey armchairs and the purple flowers in front of the window, just like the black and white pattern of the curtains matches with the black and white curtains.

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The ideal mixture of sophisticated, elegant, but also playful and creative styles provides a harmonious atmosphere. Every room has a vase of flowers that gives life and animates everything around, just like the colorful pillows on the sofas or the paintings on the wall that bring a personal tone. Color and texture are the key words used by Anastasia Faiella for this attractive universe, full of life, style and personality with its classic and modern shades. The artist created a real work of art and it is obvious everywhere you look.