A visionary design for the Dapto Anglican Church Auditorium

The Dapto Anglican Church Auditorium is a new building that shifts the priorities of a church as we know it towards a different direction. This unusual church is the first of a new generation of buildings and it has a design that comes as a natural response to the social and functional directions of the relationship between the church and the community.

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This visionary church is located in Dapto, NSW, Australia. It occupies an area of 1,155 square meters and it was built in 2011. The project was developed by Silvester Fuller. The auditorium has a contemporary design both inside and out. It features a theatre-like room for a variety of events. This church has evolved and is no longer a sanctuary devoted to Sunday services and worship but also a place that hosts a large variety of events in the morning, afternoon and in the evening as well, 7 days a week.

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The auditorium was placed on the site among other buildings. It sits in between a preschool and the church hall. The building is divided into two main spaces, the auditorium and the foyer. Inside, there is a series of alternating spaces. There are many individual spaces and this way a nice balance was created between intimate and open areas. The theatre is a large black box with a stage and lots of seats. The exterior of the building features a strong contrast of colors. The areas where the intervention was minimum are dark while the others are bright. The design is simple and it’s an inspiring choice that will influence other creations as well.{found on archdaily and pics by Martin van der Wal}.