A viable and beautiful home in Northern Selous, Tanzania

The house has been named  “The Retreat” and is a twelve bed luxury hotel and offers complete solitude. It has a truly authentic and sumptuousness base. Since it has been tucked away in the remote corner of the game reserves blended perfectly with the wilderness, the house imparts absolute privacy.

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It has a strategic location, and thus the guests are allowed to enjoy the unique and untouched surrounding areas where nature is at its best marked with outstanding sights and sounds of the African Bush. The interiors of the house have been done in an amazing way, and each corner boosts its features. The architect and the guys that were responsible for the interior decoration tried and succeeded to combined the traditional African style with the modern style and I must admit they did a great job.

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Beautiful home in Northern SelousView in gallery

You can see a pool with an incredible clear water , but also a lot of objects made of wood and used for decoration. The beauty and functionality go hand in hand, so you can see huge curtains hanging from the ceiling and all over the place both because this looks amazing, but also to protect the guests from mosquitoes.