A very stylish pied-a-terre apartment in São Paulo, designed by Fábio Galeazzo

A pied-a-terre is the terms used to define a small living unit located in a large city and which is used as a temporary second residence. It can be a condominium or an apartment and usually it’s very simple and functionally designed. This pied-a-terre is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Designed by Fábio Galeazzo, the apartment is very stylish and has lots of unique and eye-catching elements. The space underwent a serious renovation that was not only designed to give it a more contemporary look but to also make it more sustainable. The apartment got transformed using various sustainable materials such as certified handling wood that was used for the floors as well for some of the walls. Several more drastic structural changes have also been made.

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For example, the kitchen walls had to be completely removed. They were replaced with a green olive glass style bar, perfect for grabbing breakfast or for quick meals. The side wall was covered with graffiti. The color palette used for the interior design includes earthy shades as well as several other colors such as purple, blue, turquoise, red, green or orange. These shades have been very beautifully combined and they can be seen throughout the entire apartment.

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As for the furniture and decorations, they are a mix of contemporary and vintage elements. Several styles and influences can be observed in this apartment but they all combine harmoniously under the dominance of contemporary elements. The lighting here is very beautiful and includes a diversity of fixtures, always chosen perfectly for each space. The material and texture choices are also interesting. The same goes for all the patterns. What’s particularly beautiful about this place is the way all the colors, textures and materials work together perfectly. This makes the atmosphere in the apartment very inviting and pleasant.