A very colorful and chic apartment in London

A home should be a reflection of everyone that’s living in it and it should be a visual representation of what you want the others to feel when they enter there. In the case of the Venice House, an apartment located in London, what we see is a simple but also colorful and cheerful home with lots of bold elements and with a harmonious décor.

Modern london interior apartment1

The apartment was designed by Andy Martin Architects. Its owners are Warren and Claire Johnson and they live here with their two young children, a 2 year old names Jake and a 3 year old named Charlie. As you can see, the interior design reflects the dynamism that characterizes the family. Situated on the ground floor of a grade I listed mansion terrace, the apartment has views of London’s most beautiful squares.

Modern london interior apartment

Modern london interior apartment2

Modern london interior apartment3

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Modern london interior apartment5

The interior is defined by the 4.5 meter high ceilings and by the casual and functional décor. The owners wanted this place to reflect and to suit their busy lifestyle and they wanted it to allow all the members of the family to feel welcome and comfortable here. It’s probably why there are so many colorful and cheerful elements. For example, take a look at that rainbow staircase. It’s definitely a key design element and it’s also a focal point in the whole décor.

Modern london interior apartment6

Modern london interior apartment7

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Modern london interior apartment9

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Modern london interior apartment12

Bold colors have also been used throughout the apartment as accent shades. The children’s room has a bright green floor and the walls are white, providing a simple and refreshing look. The bathroom is also very beautiful, featuring lime-colored walls. The combination of crisp white and vibrant color that has been used throughout is very beautiful and chic.

Modern london interior apartment13

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But the designers didn’t only take care of these little details. They also had to make some major changes in the layout. The private rooms were moved to the north side of the apartment and the public living space to the south where they have view of the gardens.