A Very Chic And Artistic Apartment On Romania’s Black Sea Coast

Every once in a while we come across amazing projects in unexpected places. Today, for example, we stumbled upon this spectacular apartment. It’s located in the city of Constanta, in Romania. It was designed by Bucharest-based interior designers and architects Re-Act Now and it’s called the Apartment Hproject.

Romanian apartment design

The apartment benefits from a wonderful location, off the Black Sea coast, but this is one of those cases when the interior makes the exterior and the views suddenly seem less important. It’s a luxury apartment and, as you can see, it has a very chic and very eye-catching interior design. The main goal was to create an open space with a continuous feel. The architects wanted to use as inspiration the sea coast and the landscape in the area and to somehow translate it into a beautiful and modern interior design.

Romanian apartment design1

Romanian apartment design2

Romanian apartment design3

Romanian apartment design6

Romanian apartment design7

White was the main color used for this project. The interior is very bright and the white walls, ceilings and floors make it seem even more spacious. But the color palette also includes several other colors, most of which are bold and vibrant. A glass partition separates the space. What’s particularly interesting about this project is the way a continuous change of colors and reflections can be observed when you’re moving inside this apartment. This gives it a very dynamic feel.