A unique vacation destination in the Maldives – the Velaa resort

For those that identify vacations with more luxury and beauty than they enjoy in their daily lives, we have a special suggestion. This is the Velaa resort. It’s still in development and it’s already extremely promising. The resort can be found in the Maldives, on a private island.What could be more private than a private island? It’s a preferred vacation destination for those that value their intimacy and that don’t put a price on entertainment and relaxation. There are plenty of splendid private islands and resorts and they’re all impressive. However, the Velaa resort seems to feature a unique balance between simplicity and luxury and it offers not only exquisite villas but also breathtaking views.

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Being located on a private island in the Maldives, the resort features unimaginably beautiful views from all angles. It also features a perfect combination of natural and artificial spaces. The resort offers a series of indoor and outdoor living spaces and its guests can either choose to stay at a beach bungalow or in a romantic water villa.

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They all have private pools and offer privacy, comfort, luxury and splendid views. The interior decors are very simple and inviting. They almost force the guests to relax and let all their negative thoughts go away. This is definitely a remarkable vacation destination to take into consideration.