A Unique Raclette Grill

Keeping your body and mind healthy should be a top priority for each and every one of us. It gets easier by the day, with all the new technologies and designs created specifically for this purpose. One of them is this amazing Steba grill. The Steba RC 3 Plus Chrome lets you cook your favorite dishes and explore new possibilities and recipes. Everything you cook on it will be healthy and delicious.

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The grill features a natural stone plate which becomes hot in an instant. On it you can cook meat, veggies, fish and everything else you want to include in your non-fat dishes. What makes this particular grill special, compared to all the other models existent on the market, is the fact that it has this turnable steel plate and 8 scratch and puncture resistant pans. In addition, cleaning the grill is a walk in the park. No need to waste a lot of energy when the dirt comes right off.

You’ll have 26 cm surface on which to cook all your favorite ingredients. Select the temperature and let the grill do its job. Turn it off and enjoy. The design is very simple and also user-friendly so you’ll have no problem learning all the tricks it can do. You’ll be in total control.