A Turquoise Corner of Heaven

If you like live colors in general and a colorful house in particular, the turquoise house in the picture is definitely among the places you have to see in a lifetime. What is so special about it? Well, there are many beautiful aspects that worth being mentioned. First, it is one of the most spectacular places to stay, Roquebrune Cap Martin, near Monacoin the South of France, then there is a great house in one of the most beautiful surroundings you could imagine.

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The building in itself suggests safety, thanks to the stone structure, while the turquoise shutters and the fuchsia flowers next to them create the image of absolute perfection. Everything seems to appear like in a fairy tale; no matter you look at the great exterior or at the luxurious interior, which reveals another universe belonging to the same master, turquoise. Everything inside seems to exist in order to revive the past with its beauty and elegance.

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The lions from the garden guard the house and every little thing shares its story with the viewer, as a witness to the events in the past. turquoise is not the only color in the house, but it is the dominant one, suggesting a calm and serene atmosphere where nothing bad could happen. It does not matter if you like this color or not, once you see this villa, you will definitely get used to it and get to like it, as such an universe is not something you can encounter easily.