A Tranquil Summer Home With A Beautiful Garden

The most beautiful thing of having a summer home or a house on the beach is being able to enjoy the outdoors. It’s why we are particularly touched by this house. It’s a house designed by architect Cadiz Johanson and it has a wonderful garden that surrounds it. Moreover, the interior seems to be a tribute to summer and all its charming features. The interior is simple and light. The rooms are bright and spacious and the color palette is very refreshing and beautiful.

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior

The blue accents are evocating the nearby sea and they work wonderfully along with all the green details and the white features. We particularly like how all these different shades have been combined and how they harmoniously match. As for the style, it’s an interesting combination.

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior1

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior2

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior3

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior4

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior5

The overall interior is modern but it also has rustic touched reflected in the materials and finishes used throughout the house. The wood features are particularly charming as they add warmth to the décor and they make the atmosphere feel a little more inviting.

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior6

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior7

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior8

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior9

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior10

Cadiz Enrique Johansson interior11

The house has a very nice porch which is an extension of the indoor areas. The outdoor dining area is wonderful. The wooden table has a very simple design and a turquoise base that matches some of the other furniture pieces in the area. The classical white chairs complement the table beautifully. This vacation home is very charming throughout and there are many other features that deserve to be mentioned here. They all work together to form a very pleasant atmosphere and a balanced décor.{found on nuevoestilo}.