A Touch of the Wild: Different Uses for Zebra Prints in Home Décor

Animal prints are extremely versatile pieces of home décor. They are simultaneously trendy and classic, bold and neutral, wild and chic. Of course, a little goes a long way when it comes to animal prints, particularly the bold zebra stripes. One must take care to use them tastefully and with restraint, so they perform the job they are meant to perform and don’t detract from a space’s overall style.The following are some ways that animal prints, specifically zebra stripes, can be used effectively in communicating your style at home:


Zebra pillows

A benefit of artwork is that it can be temporary; it’s much easier to change out a wall hanging than, say, the color of said walls. Thus, animal print artwork is perfect for the not-completely-committed-to-the-wild individual. I like the scale and variety of these above-sofa prints shown here, as they completely make the otherwise solid-heavy space come alive. Framed out by a black wall, the prints look as dramatic as they are trendy.

Zebra pillows

As mentioned earlier, a little goes a long way when it comes to the bold zebra stripe. I find it interesting, though, how such a graphic animal print can also read visually as a neutral, particularly in an otherwise very busy space such as this one. An exotic touch on the rug is just right here, amid the floor-to-ceiling rectangle photos, and the Louis chair is perfection in tying the red desk and zebra rug together.


Zebra pillows

Incorporated into a white space with a few spare pops of color (in this case, salmon pillows and throw), zebra stripes on furniture can hold their own without competing with the accents. Amazingly, the print simultaneously complements the overall simple yet classy color palette. These benches at the end of this canopy bed add an understated sophistication to an already chic space (that wallpaper!).


Zebra pillows

Of course, zebra stripes don’t have to be immediately noticeable (read: black and white). They can sometimes recede into the background and provide a subtle hint of pattern in tone-on-tone spaces. This neutral corner is just such a space, as the wallpaper mimics the diagonal lines of the side table and the branches. Matching the pretty linen color of the slipper chair, this neutral wallpaper is both soothing and interesting.

Throw Pillows.

Zebra pillows

A perfect accessory in a neutrally paletted space, zebra print pillows add intrigue and up the chic factor significantly. They pair perfectly, here, with rounded white leather sectional sofa pieces and an unexpected orange rug. The angle of the zebra stripes subtly lead our eyes toward other interesting aspects of the room as well, such as the views from those simply yet classically draped windows. Most importantly, they are present but not overdone, which makes me love them all the more here.

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