A table for you and a bed for your cat

A simple and yet sophisticated table design that will satisfy the owner as well his cat(s). We all know how cats love to crawl in tight spaces. They are also very curious animals and they are stubborn too. They also love to sleep… a lot. People, on the other hand, like to watch them play and the like to sneak around when they are sleeping, just to see their funny faces. Of course, they usually fail because cats have very developed hearing.

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This is why I love this table. It’s a low table with a stainless steel base and a glass top and it also has a rattan shelf in between. It is called The Hammock and it was created by Koichi Futatsumata.The tight space between the top and the shelf will intrigue the curious cats and, once they see how comfortable that place is, they will probably fall asleep in there. And because the top is transparent, you’ll be able to spy on them as much as you want. The transparent top has other advantages as well. It offers you a great space to play with your cat. They look so funny when they try to catch from beneath the things that are on top of the table.

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Even if this table was designed primarily for the cats, I don’t see why the dogs wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as well. Of course, it would have to be a really small dog to fit in there. And when your pets are not home, you can use that space for storage. I don’t know about you, but the cats would buy this table.