A table with built-in baby seat by Toa Ringyo

Children that are 1-2 years old usually seat in special chairs designed just for them. But, even though the chairs were particularly for their safety and comfort, they still refuse them and prefer to sit with their parents at the table. They can’t wait to grow up and sit like adults at the dining table. There’s a way of allowing them to do that without sacrificing their safety.

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This is a table that has a built-in baby chair. This way you and your baby can sit at the same table. The seat is like a picket attached to it. It allows you to work while your child sits safely with you but not in your lap where he would incommode you. It also allows you to always keep an eye on him and teach him to sit elegantly at the table, draw, play or watch you work. He will also feel like an actual part of the family during dinner.

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The table can be placed in the living room or dining area. It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture that also serves as a desk. Its overall dimensions are w100 × d400 × h370. It was designed by Toa Ringyo in 2008. As your child grows up, the table can be turned into a desk. The area that he used to sit in can be used as a storage space for paper or other things. It would make a nice desk that can be put in his room. The table is made of Japanese beech and has a natural finish and a minimalist design.