A swimmer’s paradise in Buenos Aires

As the extensive pools might suggests, this residence’s homeowner loves to swim. So he took this passion of his and brought it to a whole new level while designing his new home. The house is located in an exclusive waterfront neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It was designed by architect Alejandro Amoedo and it’s a home that celebrates the swimming pool.

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The architect had to deal with a few challenges when designing and building this house. One of them was to make the house seem modern but without standing out too much. But given its design and all the pools involved in the project, the house seemed extravagant at first. The challenge was to find a way to balance simplicity with originality. The result was this amazing 4,919 square foot residence. It has three bedrooms and six baths as well as a series of indoor and outdoor pools.

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There’s a very subtle transition between interior and exterior areas and it’s mostly due to the visual continuity created by the indoor and outdoor pools as well as the lagoon. The indoor pools made decorating the house a little more difficult than usual. For example, it wasn’t easy to find a good place for the TV and the ideal solution turned out to be inexistent. The only solution was to place it on the wall adjacent to the pool, not the best location for a TV given the proximity to water. The rest of the décor is simple, modern and features neutral colors.