A Swedish summer cottage with a colorful interior

A Nordic interior is not always defined by the lack of color. Its defining characteristics are simplicity and elegance. However, an interior as colorful and dynamic as this one is not very common either. This is a small Swedish summer cottage that, despite its dimensions, looks surprisingly airy, spacious and refreshing.Given the purpose it was created for, in this case to serve as a summer retreat for tis owners, the cottage had to be colorful.

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A rich color palette was really not optional. The cottage was decorated with vibrant colors and this allowed it to offer a very cheerful atmosphere.It was a strategically-chosen approach.The owners wanted to have a bright and colorful place to go to, a small retreat where they could enjoy their summer and where they could feel like they’re in vacation. The monotonous Nordic décor was transformed and this is a much more cheerful and playful version.

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The cottage is quite small, only covering a surface of 30 meters. However, this only makes it cozier. The atmosphere inside is inviting and dynamic at the same time. To compensate for the small dimensions, the cottage also includes a small separate cabin for guests. The cabin is a sort of extended guest room and has views over a large and beautiful garden. It’s very relaxing and cozy as well.{found on Hus&Hem}.