A very stylish Urgell apartment that you can rent during your vacation

In the recent years, more and more people are starting to consider other alternatives for the hotels when it comes to choosing a destination for their vacation. Apartments and houses are a very nice option in this sense. They feel a lot more personal than a cold hotel room, they offer more privacy and you get to have more space at your disposal. This Urgell apartment is just one of the many accomodations out there.

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The apartment was designed by Stil Interiors and is located in Barcelona. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and it’s perfect for a small family seeking for a quiet place to spend their vacation. It features a contemporary interior and it’s indeed a dream destination. The apartment also offers, besides the bedrooms and living room, a very beautiful terrace with amazing views. It also has a rooftop deck with 360º views of the city.

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The interior is almost entirely white. This gives a clean, airy, contemporary look. But despite that fact, the décor fails to be monotonous. That’s because of all the black lighting featured throughout the apartment. It creates interesting patterns on the walls that offset the simplicity of the décor. Moreover, the black and white contrast is very strong. The lighting is simple but the effects it creates are artistic without being overwhelming. Add the breathtaking views to that and you get a perfect destination for your next vacation.{found on destinationbcn}.