A stylish and spacious top floor penthouse apartment looking for a new owner

This beautiful penthouse apartment is located in Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, New York city. It can be found in The Gretsch, the most well-sought building in Williamsburg. Given the exclusive location, finding an apartment available for sale there is a rare and amazing opportunity.Situated on the top floor of the former Gretsch Musical Instruments building, the penthouse apartment we’re talking about reflect the spirit of the building very beautifully.

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It occupied a surface of 3,198 square feet. Even though it has been renovated, it still has some of its original charm. It also has an interior design that is situated somewhere between classical and modern. It’s a very stylish style and a well-balanced combination. Each room has its character and unique look.

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The apartment has a total of three bedrooms and three bathrooms. All the rooms are spacious and very beautifully decorated. It also has a large kitchen that shares an open plan with the dining room and the living area. This particular room has large windows that occupy an entire wall and that let in lots of natural light. They also have beautiful white curtains. The apartment also has an amazing rooftop terrace, a wonderful space for relaxation. It features an L-shaped outdoor sofa with a wooden frame, matching benches and an armchair. They are all arranged around a wooden coffee table and the atmosphere is very cozy and inviting.Listed at $4.75 million.