A stylish penthouse apartment with a casual, Nordic interior decor

You probably noticed by now that we’re big fans of Nordic interiors. There’s something about them that makes them appealing without being particularly eye-catching. This penthouse has a typical Nordic interior. The main color used for the interior is, of course, white. All Nordic interiors are very bright and airy. It’s what makes them so charming.This apartment is so inviting mostly because of its balanced décor. Even though the walls and the ceilings are crisp white, the wooden floors and the exposed wooden beams as well as the inclined ceiling bring warmth into the rooms and make them inviting and cozy.

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The penthouse has a neutral color palette composed of white and brown and there are very few exceptions to this. The bedroom is quite small but it still manages to look spacious and airy. It’s because of the mirror wall that adds depth and makes the room seem larger than it actually is.

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The internal distribution of the rooms is not exactly great. The hallway opens directly into the living room which is not ideal. Then there’s an open floor plan that contains the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. This area also opens onto a beautiful terrace. It’s a semi-enclosed space and it’s big enough to accommodate a sofa. It’s a great place for relaxation in a sunny day.{found on notar}.