A stylish Chicago home with lots of lovely decorations

This lovely apartment is located in Chicago, Illinois and, if you ignore all the little decorations and knick-knacks its owner has gathered here over the years, it’s not the special. Of course, it’s a beautiful apartment. It has wooden floors, an open plan with individually-organized spaces and partial stone walls. But what really makes this apartment unique is the owner’s collection of vintage and nautical-themed knick-knacks.

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The owner of the apartment is Craig Shimala. He has been living in this chic 990 square foot home for three years and during that time he kept collecting thing but he didn’t throw out many things. This meant that things kept piling up so Craig had to find a way to organize them and to keep the apartment uncluttered. He used some of this collected items to decorate the walls but most of them are displayed on the shelves. This home represents its owner perfectly.

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Craig collects many things. You can see by simply looking around. For example, he has a wall full of used concert tickets and a vintage bait box filled with colorful trinkets. It’s an interesting way of personalizing his home but what’s even more impressive than the collection itself is the way he managed to make this place an extension of himself and to store and organize all the collected items in an organized and beautiful manner without allowing them to negatively impact his daily life.{found on apartmenttherapy}.