A Stunning Apartment Renovation Featuring A Creative Use Of Artificial Lighting

The lack of natural light is considered to be a big minus in the case of any home. Still, it’s not something you can’t deal with, especially if you prefer a modern approach for the interior design and décor. A perfect example that showcases a great solution for this problem is this apartment. Located in Paris, France, the apartment was in very bad shape. It desperately needed a renovation.

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You can now call this space Appartement Spectral. It has been renovated and it has an unrecognizable interior. The project was developed by French firm Betillon. The small studio apartment lacked natural light because the rooms had small windows or were lacking them completely. As a result, the design team chose a very interesting and creative approach. They decided to create an interaction of different artificial light sources and to use this detail in their favor.

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The colors were very important for this project. The team wanted to explore the spectral qualities of the light sources they planned on using and to create an architecture that would highlight their special qualities. They chose white as a main color for the project because it doesn’t interfere with the light and it actually emphasizes its brightness.

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The spaces were first categorized into areas that need bursts of color and areas that could rather benefit from neutral colors. The result was a very strong contrast between these areas that became a defining feature for the apartment. The team also carefully chose the type of light they wanted for each space. Some areas use fluorescent tubes with a neutral color temperature while others have warm light.