A Star Trek coffee table for fans

Everybody has heard at least, if is not familiar with the famous world from Star Trek. Is there anyone who would not like to pay a visit on the ship? As it is not such a simple thing to do it, we have to be happy with the Star Trek table and if we look at it, we see that it is not something common. First, our table is actually a replica of the Star Trek Enterprise NCC – 1701  – C Coffee Table, made of ash, poplar and cherry wood.

Star trek enterprise coffee table is the final frontier to start a conversatiView in gallery

The glass that covers the wooden part is shaped like the lines of the ship and it is made to appear as if it is still in motion. If we think about its practical aspect, we can think about drinking our coffee from a different perspective. I do not know if your coffee will be better served on this table, but you will definitely remember about the movie and want to see it again.

The table can serve not only as a coffee table, but also as a space, which can serve as a final frontier to start a conversation, no matter if you are thinking about space or your own life, no matter if you are alone planning your day or enjoy some time with your friends and family. For $ 3.100, the designer sustains that the coffee table is sturdy enough to withstand even your feet on it, but it depends on what you want from your coffee table.