Ombre Painted Dressers Put Color Into Perspective

Ombre-painting things is fun and a great way of expressing our creativity without getting carried away too much. Use this technique on furniture as a way to change its look and to add color to the room. A dresser is a perfect piece to apply this type of design on. The series of parallel drawers makes it easy to get the ombre look without having to measure and divide the surface.


Did you know that you can also get an ombre look on a dresser by using wood stain instead of paint? You can use a different nuance on each drawer and make the color increasingly darker as you reach the bottom. Everything else can feature a single uniform color which frames this whole composition.{found on 551eastdesign}.

Ombre diy dresser from ikea
Usually, however, paint is preferred because it allows the design to stand out more and the colors to be more crisp and easy to tell apart. It would be best to start with a plain white dresser. Take out the drawers and start mixing your colors. Pick a shade such as coral for example and paint the bottom drawer. Then you can add a little bit of white paint to dilute the color and apply it to the next drawer. Repeat this until you paint all the drawers with increasingly lighter shades. {found n decor8blog}

Nursery ombre changing table
You don’t necessarily have to start with a very bold and strong color. Your darkest shade can be a pastel pink for example which can become lighter and softer with each drawer. If you only have three drawer lines in total, this should be pretty easy.

Mid century ombre dresser

If your dresser has five or more drawers, then you can display a variety of shades of the same color. You can start with a tone of dark blue or turquoise and you can dilute it until you get a very pale color, closer to white than to anything else.

Shades of pink dresser
Soft pastel shades are a great choice for spaces such as nursery rooms or feminine bedroom decors. The drawers can feature these lovely colors and the rest of the dresser can be white. The result will be a very chic and very cute design.{found on projectnursery}.

Grey ombre dresser

You can play with different shades of gray if you want the dresser to have a modern look. The gray scale can match the rest of the room’s décor. Similarly, you can try a play of black and white with a few gray shades in between.

small night stand ombre dresser

You could also mix two different colors if they’re similar or close on the chromatic scale. For example, blue and green and be combined to create a few shades of turquoise in between. They can also be used in their pure form for an interesting look.

Blue aqua ombre dresser

As you make a color lighter you also make it less striking. So, for example, if you start with a neon cyan color, it will become a pastel blue as you continue to make it lighter by adding white. This can give you a few interesting ideas which you can customize in your design.

Ombre bar cart

There’s also a different way of using the ombre technique, one which is useful when painting something other than a dresser, something such as a TV stand or a bar cart. In this case, because you don’t have drawers to help you separate your color tones, you can simply freehand your design using spray paint. {found on papernstitchblog}.