A spectacular loft in New York, USA

There are various kinds of loft, but this is completely different. This is a spectacular loft created by UNstudio. The loft has been imparted with a unique and distinct design and a unique interaction between living space and gallery is formed. The white curved walls of the loft flow gently through the space and divide the main area into proportionally balanced spaces, and have been enhanced with articulated ceilings thereby creating heterogeneous conditions in which the exhibition area amalgamates with the living area.

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Full and clear glass panels have been used in the place of windows for a spectacular view of the lively city. Everything about this loft screams modernism and style. It has modern comfortable furniture and the omnipresent whiteness gives quite an impressive visual effect of cleanliness and purity.

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The long hallway arches in a beautiful curve and has so many nice paintings that you can easily mistake it for an art gallery. Also, the normal things are shaped so as to confer a special feature and to look magnificent, like this white continuous live that is the computer desk. Every detail is important and adds something to the final look of the loft.