A spectacular headboard aquarium by Acrylic Tank Manufacturers

How would you like to be able to sleep underwater, surrounded by splendid marine creatures? It’s difficult to answer this question when you have no idea how the experience would be like. Well…that’s no longer true. You can now recreate the amazing experience of being underwater thanks to Acrylic Tank Manufacturers.They developed this amazing headboard aquarium that allows you to surround yourself by water and marine life. It can also become true in the cozyness of your bedroom.

Gallon auarium bed 1

This unique headboard is in fact a 650-gallon aquarium. It can be customized and adapted to fit perfectly above your bed. This will transmit you the feeling of sleeping underwater. It must be extremely relaxing to be able to feel surrounded by such a beautiful environment and to open your eyes in the morning and to see such a splendid image.

The aquarium/headboard is an amazing focal point for any bedroom. It’s a unique accent piece that completely transforms the décor of your bedroom from boring to spectacular and luxurious. Of course, it all comes with the price which in this case is $11,500. Allow yourself to dream of exploring new, undiscovered worlds with this marvelous headboard. It’s more than a piece of furniture. In fact, it almost completely lost its primary characteristics and has become an amazing decorative piece, all while also maintaining its functionality.{found on Hiconsumption}.