A spacious Swedish apartment with pastel accents

This is one of those apartments that instantly impress you. It’s not just the size but also the interior design and décor. This wonderful two-room apartment can be found in Gothenburg. It has a huge living area that measures 59 square meters. The living room opens onto the bedroom and the kitchen but these three areas are nicely delimitated.

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The overall design is very simple and very charming. The main color used here is white and it creates a lovely neutral background for everything else. The color palette also includes pastel shades of lavender, turquoise and pink which have been very beautifully combined.

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These accent colors can be seen in the living area where they have been introduced through accent cushions. Notice how light the décor is. The walls are white but another very nice feature is also the wooden floor which has this light finish. In the living room, the sofa has almost the same color which helps it blend it wonderfully.

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The area rugs are meant to complement both the dining space and the sitting area but also to visually delimitate these areas. The open kitchen is almost entirely white with the exception of the black countertop and the built-in wall furniture makes it almost unnoticeable. But this apartment has, besides the charming interior décor, a very beautiful architecture as well. The vaulted windows are very charming and they definitely give the living area more character.