A sophisticated apartment with an elegant interior in Warsaw

In general, modern apartments are all about visual stimulation whether this is achieved through color or through other methods. The focal points in such spaces are usually bold and eye-catching. Still, there’s also a predisposition towards neutral colors are extreme simplicity. Combining both concepts is not as easy as it might seem. There are lots of examples of successful projects and this is one of them.

Apartment in Nowe Powisle Design

The apartment was designed by Republika Architektury. It has a simple and sophisticated interior and the atmosphere here in calm, inviting and elegant. The apartment covers a total surface of 180 square meters and it’s situated on the top floor in a building close to the center of Warsaw.

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Apartment in Nowe Powisle Design4

The location is important in this case because the apartment has more than just a beautiful interior. It also benefits from nice views over the city. In fact, it’s fair to say that this place offers the best views in town. The apartment is overlooking the Vistula River and it has the National Stadium on one side and the Old Town and The University of Warsaw Library on the other.

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The interior design in this case is timeless and elegant for several reasons. The calm and tranquil atmosphere allows it to feel very pleasant and it’s easy for anyone to imagine living here and to consider this place their home.

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The décor is simple, with clear lines and minimalist forms. The oak floors add warmth to the room while the marble surfaces and the silk wallpapers give them a certain sophistication. The color palette includes both neutral and vibrant shades. The navy blue and orange accents are meant to create bold focal points and to add dynamism to some of the rooms.