A sofa made out from recycled jeans

Jeans are very popular all over the world. However, people usually wear them. But with a little imagination, recycled jeans can be used to create all sorts of objects and items. A perfect example for that is the Jeans Sofa. Believe it or not, this is a sofa made from recycled jeans. The idea is unusual but also very innovative and original.

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The Jeans Sofa is part of the Jeans Collection and it’s created by KARE-DESIGN. The collection also includes pieces such as sectional sofas, armchairs, curtains and square pillows and they are all made using recycled jeans. This lovely cotton sofa definitely has a bold design and it would look best in a casual, contemporary home. It’s difficult to integrate it in a décor when it has such as unusual design. The Jeans sofa will definitely be the star of any room you decide to place it in.

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The Jeans sofa features a stainless steel frame. It’s simple, durable and strong and it provides the support and the base for the padding and the cover. The sofa also features polyester padding and a removable cover made from recycled jeans. The overall dimensions of this unique piece of furniture are 0,7 x 2,1 x 1,3 m. It weights 86.8 kg and it’s extremely comfortable. It’s a lovely cotton sofa and, given the fact that the cover is made from actual jeans, each piece is unique and different from the other ones so you can be sure you will get a sofa like no other.